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Red Fish
wood cut,offset
wood cut,offset
Red Fish
wood cut,offset
Red Fish
wood cut,offset


Recent theme of work has been chairs; one with a small bronze chair in a square screen, the outdoor installation of wooden chairs, and video installation.

He expresses himself in unique and various ways. All the chairs in his works are placed in well circulated and sun-lit places.

You can find chairs all over the place in normal life. Even ordinary chairs are turned into beautiful art when noticed by him. I think that chairs shouldn' t be expressed as only the way they are.

The chair with no owner seems to be showing us the absence of someone. A person used to sit there just a while ago and there were ones that sat there before.....It seems that it is telling us that our life is just passing in a moment in the endless period of time.

This exhibition of Mr. Ha' s is displaying not only the chair series he has been working on but also the fish series he is now working on.

I believe that this would be a great chance for you to experience his work.



Eui SOO Ha

1957 Born in Tongyoung,
Kyoungnam Graduated from B.F.A and M.F.A course of painting, Kyoung Sung University

One-person Exhibition
1991 Material of everyday. (Busan/ DaDa Gallery) 1996 Everyday- From the memory.(Busan/ DaDa Gallery)
1999 A short break on the chair. (Busan/ Song Ha Gallery)
2000 Growing chair. ( Mil Yang/ Ga In Art Center)
2001 Making a plan of Hinoki Gallery(Tokyo/ Hinoki Gallery)

Selected group Exhibition
1985-2001 104 times participated in national and international selected group exhibition.

1985 11th Busan Grand Art Exhibition (Busan Art Association)
1986 12th Busan Grand Art Exhibition , Second Prize(Busan Art Association)
1986 5th Korea Grand Art Exhibition ( Korea Art Association)
1987 13th Busan Grand Art Exhibition ( Busan Art Association)
1987 Korea Printer Association Exhibition(Korea Printmaker Association)
1988 14th Busan Grand Art Exhibition , Special Prize(Busan Art Association)
1988 7th Korea Grand Art Exhibition ( Korea Art Association)
1988 Dong A Grand Art Exhibition ( Dong A Press Company)

Taught at Chang Won College, Kyoung Sung University , Masan Chang Sin College ,
Busan Culture and Art College , Dong A University
1998 An official head of Busan Art Festival (PICAF) An official head of Busan Art Association A formula Printmaker of 2000 PICAF

Current A member of Korea Art Association A chairman of print part ,
Busan Art Association A director, Busan Printmaker Association Teaching at Graduate school , The National Busan Education University

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